UCSD Biochemical Genetics and Metabolomics Laboratory

A Program in the Division of Genetics, Department of Pediatrics, University of California San Diego

Metabolomics → Metabolomic Analysis
  • Platform 1) Absolute quantification (targeted metabolomics) of >300 compounds including amino acids, organic acids, acylcarnitines, acylglycines, purines/pyrimides, acylcholines, and other classes are analyzed by triple quadrupole LC-MS/MS (ABI Sciex API 4000 and/or 4500). 

    • Pricing is $300 per sample for two runs (positive and negative ionization modes). The cost is $150 if only one of the runs is desired. The cost is $120 for any of the small panels.

  • Platform 2) Discovery/untargeted metabolomics platform: Three runs on 2 different columns (multiple ionization modes) are performed using a high resolution/high mass accuracy Q-TOF mass spectrometer (AB SCIEX 5600), for comprehensive analysis of various polar, non-polar, and hydrophobic compound classes.

    • The analytes (several thousands) are processed by both univariate and multivariate statistical analysis, and statistically relevant analytes found to differentiate disease and control cohorts are identified and reported.

    • We use stable isotopes of over 50 compounds (amino acids, organic acids, acylcarnitines and purines/pyrimidines) along with standard curves and quality control samples run within the same batch, allowing for absolute quantification of many of these key metabolites (Method published: Gertsman et al. Metabolomics. (2014) 10:312-23).

      Pricing is $7000 per batch. A single batch includes up to 28 samples (recommended to have a minimum of 16, 8 of each cohort). Additional samples can be added to the batch at a cost of $300 per sample.  Please call or write to discuss your ideas and project goals with Dr. Ilya Gertsman in order to facilitate planning of a feasible project.

The UCSD Biochemical Genetics and Metabolomics Laboratory conducts both biomarker  search (untargeted) and quantitative (targeted) analysis. In the image, metabolomics data are projected onto a metabolic pathway map, allowing for visual interpretation of metabolic perturbations.

Announcement: The
UCSD Clinical and Translational Research Institute has instituted a Metabolomics Catalyst Grant Program.